About Us

St. Theresa’s School is an English medium Catholic educational institution for boys conducted by the Society of the Divine Word ( SVD )

It is aided by the Govt. of Maharashtra. The course of study is arranged according to the syllabus laid down by the Department of Education, Maharashtra.

The aims of this institution are to prepare pupils for the S.S.C. Examination and at the same time make them well-disciplined, well-behaved and God-fearing citizens of India.
• To develop the entire man: mind, heart and body.
• To form as well as to inform.
• To train the mind to analyse rather than memorise so that the student may differentiate facts from falsehood.
• To strengthen the will to have courage to practice virtue and reject vice.
• To cultivate the heart to develop love and concern for the poor.
• To instill a strong sense of his own culture and to imbibe a strong civic sense.
• To disdain mediocrity and develop leadership.
• To rivet the minds of youth to truth: that the solutions to all hatreds of class or creed or nations are epitomized in the dictum “Thou shalt love the Lord Thy God with thy whole heart and with thy whole mind and thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”.


In our school we take pride in the following traditions:
1. To be always friendly with one another in and out of school.
2. To avoid vulgarity in our talk and behavior.
3. To accept whatever work is assigned to us and do it sincerely and diligently.
4. To offer help to any unattended visitor we happen to meet in the school premises.
5. To be courteous to and be sportsmanlike with opposing teams and officials.
6. To respect the liberty and the rights of other pupils.
7. To maintain and improve the beauty of the school premises and to report any damage which we may notice.
8. To avoid littering in the school premises and to pick up any litter if noticed in order to keep the premises always clean.
9. To learn and observe good manners at table, in telephonic conversation and while addressing each other.