Vision, Mission and School Badge

As promoters of God’s reign fostering, moulding and building the young minds for a better future.

St. Theresa’s High School is committed to provide a holistic and integral formation of every student through academic excellence, moral upbringing, social and civic involvement and promoting a culture of brotherhood through art, sports and cultural activities.

The motto of our school is ‘Je choisis tout’, French for ‘I choose all’.
When still a child, our patron, St. Theresa, was once shown a variety of toys and asked to choose from among them. Unable to reject even one of them she said “I choose them all”. Only in later years did this childish whim assume real significance. As a grown-up, St. Theresa gratefully accepted both trials and comforts equally as coming from the hands of God. This is symbolized by the saint holding a cross and some roses in her arms, and hence the cross-cum-rose design.
As students working under her patronage we should willingly labour and then gratefully enjoy the fruits of the labour. To this we should add the love for our country and an ardent desire for knowledge. This is symbolized by a light and a stenciled map of India.