Co-Curricular activities

Road Safety Patrol

The R.S.P. activity was introduced in Mumbai in the year 1959 by E.W. Sazby (Asst. Comm. Police, M.P.S.). Its aim is to improve road safety, smartness, discipline and service. Its activities are regulated by the Section Propaganda Traffic Control, Greater Mumbai Police.

Bharat Scouts

13th West Bombay Suburban District, Boys Scout Group: ‘ST. THERESA’. The group comprises of both Cubs and Scouts under the guidance of Scout Masters and Cub Master.

Debating, Elocution, Essay Competition and Quiz

These activities are conducted first class-wise, then standard-wise, and finally in age-wise groups. These activities, under the charge of a committee of teachers, aim to train the boys in the art of public speaking, essay writing etc.


Class excursions and visits are arranged frequently to factories and other institutions, places of historical and aesthetic interests in and around Mumbai City. Trips are planned and conducted as an educational activity to different places during the vacations.

Talent Contest

Conducted once every year to seek out promising talent in art, music, public speaking and other fields. Trophies are given to the outstanding student.

Class Magazine

Every class publishes a class magazine edited by the class teacher. The features are contributed by the class boys. The best articles, poetry, jokes, riddles, etc. are chosen for the school annual magazine.

School Magazine

“The Theresian” the school magazine is published every year to promote the literary talents of the students.

Science Club

The Science Club aims at fostering and encouraging the spirit of adventure, discovery and curiosity among the students from a tender age.

Nature Club

The School has an active Nature Club which inculcates in students a strong sense of involvement in nature and its conservation. Field trips, excursions, trails and talks and audiovisual shows are regularly organized.