Library and Reading Room

The school has acquired a considerable number of books for a central library providing an adequate quota of books. The school subscribes to a number of periodicals and newspapers.

Computer Labs

Comp Room1Comp Room2

Audio Visual Education & Language Lab

The school has a fully equipped Audio-Visual room cum Language Laboratory with TV, video, OHP, slide projector and sound systems and hundreds of video and audio cassettes to train the students in phonetics, voice cultivation, pronunciation etc. Much importance is given to audiovisual education.

Physical Education

Physical education is organized under the following branches – Free hand exercise, Apparatus exercise, Gymnastics, Indoor games and Outdoor games supervised by trained Physical Education teachers and coaches. Besides organizing Interclass Competitions, the school joins many inter-school games organized by the Mumbai High School Sports Association. Students are required to attend the mass drill on Thursdays in their P.T. uniform.

Science Lab

Science Lab 2ScienceLab

Student Counsellor

In order to help students and parents cope with various stresses, we have a student counsellor who works with our students to help them overcome their problems or just give them a much needed patient hearing.

Staff Rooms

We have staff rooms for our teachers and Sirs. A place to catch a break from the hectic student activities as well as plan the next assignment.
Teachers RoomSirs Room

School Canteen

A hot snack or a cold drink – or just a break away from class.